Make a Direct Impact with a Donation

This holiday season looks much different than in years past. As a result of the pandemic, and to make sure that all of our clients remain safe and healthy, we’ve decided to forgo our annual Adopt a Family Drive. Instead, Citizens Inn will be purchasing gift cards for each child and parent in shelter, gift cards for every family on our stabilization case load, as well as gift cards for our clients that utilize the pantry at Haven from Hunger.

We are asking for your support in the form of monetary donations. Below you can choose from several denominations in lieu of purchasing physical gifts for our clients. This is the most convenient and safest way for our clients to celebrate this holiday season. Help make their holiday a little brighter this year by contributing what you can.

Citizens Inn Holiday Donation Form

Please note: Once you finish the first portion of the form, click ‘Continue’ and you will be redirected to complete the form with your payment information. For inquiries, please call 978-531-9775.

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For 37 years, Citizens Inn, Inc., now merged with Haven from Hunger, has worked toward ending homelessness and hunger across the North Shore. Our mission calls us to support everyone with dignity and respect, as they live in our emergency shelter, Citizens Inn Between; our sober living transitional housing shelter, Citizens Inn Transition; our affordable housing units, Citizens Inn Homes; or join us for meals as part of our Citizens Inn Haven from Hunger program.

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