Why did the organizations merge?

Haven from Hunger’s board of trustees approached Citizens Inn late last year to discuss merging the two nonprofits together. While considering their proposal, we realized the greater community impact we could have as one organization. Unifying the two entities creates a more efficient and cost-effective service delivery model—meaning that we can work more swiftly and successfully to break the patterns of instability that lead to homelessness and hunger.

Citizens Inn was founded as Citizens for Adequate Housing in 1983 to address homelessness in Peabody. Today, the organization serves more than 260 families annually across the North Shore through shelters, subsidized housing, and specialized programs in substance abuse and homelessness prevention.

Haven from Hunger was founded in 1985 to address hunger and food insecurity in Peabody. Today, the organization serves more than 600,000 meals annually through its food pantry and 9,000 individuals annually through its community meals programs.

We are delighted to unite our critical missions as we strive to help individuals and families leave hunger and homelessness behind.

Will the programs at Haven from Hunger continue?

Citizens Inn believes strongly in the programs and support that Haven from Hunger provides. The food pantry and community meals will continue to operate under their existing schedules:

  • Food pantry: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM
  • Community meals: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM.
What will the name of the combined organization be?

The merged organization will be called Citizens Inn, Inc. The Haven from Hunger name will continue on as a program under Citizens Inn.

Citizens Inn has historically been a housing program. Will Haven from Hunger’s building be used for housing purposes?

No. While the need for housing on the North Shore is needed now more than ever, the purpose of this merger is to expand Citizens Inn’s mission to include resolving food insecurity. Therefore, Haven from Hunger’s building will be used for the existing food pantry and community meals programs.

How will this merger impact the current programs at Citizens Inn?

Citizens Inn’s current programs will remain the same and we anticipate expanding our relationship with the Greater Boston Food Bank to supply our existing Citizens Inn Transition and Citizens Inn Between programs with food at a lower cost. The combination of the two organizations will allow for the creation of a workforce development program focused on the culinary arts. This ties directly to the Citizens Inn strategic plan and will provide great opportunities for existing clients of both organizations as well as the Greater Peabody community.

Who should I reach out to with questions and concerns?

For general inquiries please use our mailbox at info@citizensinn.org or contact our Executive Director, Corey Jackson at cjackson@citizensinn.org or 978-531-9775.

I regularly volunteer at the Haven. How does this impact me as volunteer?

It doesn’t. As a volunteer, you are a critical supporter of the Haven from Hunger programs. Citizens Inn will invest in the current infrastructure to enhance your volunteer experience even further.

Can my donation still be targeted towards Haven from Hunger’s programs?

Absolutely. Since Haven from Hunger is now a program of Citizens Inn, you will need to write your check out to Citizens Inn. To restrict the funds to Haven from Hunger, please add Haven from Hunger to the memo field of your check.