Citizens Inn Transition, established in 1990, provides comprehensive case management to families in early recovery in a transitional sober housing environment. The program is nested within our Citizens Inn Transition facility, an attractive 4-story, ADA accessible, brick building located in downtown Peabody. It is set in a residential neighborhood in a convenient and accessible location. Eight sober living families and six emergency shelter families share this space, follow the same rules and expectations, and maintain a safe, supportive, sober, accepting, welcoming and recovery-oriented environment.


Each family has a key to their own private efficiency unit with their own bathroom and kitchenette. The units are child-safety proofed and comfortably accommodate the average family size of 2-3 persons. Two sober living program units accommodate larger 4-person families. Each person in the household is provided their own bed or crib. Rooms are set up according to the individual family size, ages of the children, and needs.

Our program is co-ed and serves single male and female parent households, two parent households, and pregnant women. When there is a birth of a child or reunification, additional family member(s) are accommodated by adding beds to the unit or by moving the family to one of the larger units. A common fully-equipped kitchen, dining and multi-purpose area are located on the basement level for family meals and activities. The common area is at the center of our peer-focused model and fosters a community atmosphere where relationships are formed and parents develop positive social supports and care for the children as a community.