Board Announcement

The Board of Directors of Citizens Inn, after an extensive search, is pleased to announce that Carolina Trujillo has been selected as our new Executive Director, effective June 20. With significant consideration given to the skills, experiences, and expertise needed to successfully guide Citizens Inn into the future, the Board of Directors has selected Carolina to serve in this important leadership role.

Carolina has worked for over two decades in the human services sector, much of it working in non-profit. She was most recently the Vice President, Volunteer Engagement at Eastern Bank. Carolina also sits on the Board of Directors for The Northeast Arc, Beth Israel Lahey Health, YMCA of Metro North, and the North Shore Maritime Center. She is a committee member of LEADS (Leaders Engaged and Activated to Drive System-wide Change), Lynn Education District, Lynn Business Partnership, ALPFA – Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting, and Stop the Violence Lynn.

We are confident that under her leadership, Citizens Inn’s success and impact in achieving its mission and vision will continue to flourish.


La Junta Directiva de Citizens Inn, después de una extensa búsqueda, se complace en anunciar que Carolina Trujillo ha sido seleccionada como nuestra nueva Directora Ejecutiva, a partir del 20 de junio. Tras considerar las habilidades, experiencias y conocimientos necesarios para guiar con éxito a Citizens Inn hacia el futuro, la Junta Directiva ha seleccionado a Carolina para desempeñar este importante papel de liderazgo.

Carolina ha trabajado por más de dos décadas en el sector de servicios humanos y, gran parte de ese tiempo, en organizaciones sin fines de lucro. Recientemente se desempeñó como vicepresidenta de Compromiso Voluntario en el Eastern Bank. Carolina también es miembro del Directorio de The Northeast Arc, el centro de salud Beth Israel Lahey Health, el YMCA de Metro North y el North Shore Maritime Center. Además, forma parte del comité de LEADS (Líderes Comprometidos y Activos para Generar Cambios Integrales), de la ALPFA (Asociación de Profesionales Latinos en Finanzas y Contabilidad), y de organizaciones de la ciudad de Lynn tales como Lynn Education District, Lynn Business Partnership y Stop the Violence Lynn.

Estamos seguros de que, durante su liderazgo, el éxito y el impacto de la misión y la visión de Citizens Inn seguirán creciendo. 

Leadership Transition at Citizens Inn

JANUARY 11, 2022

The Board of Directors of Citizens Inn would like to announce with sadness and gratitude the resignation of its long-serving Executive Director Corey Jackson, effective June 2022. The Board of Directors accepted Corey’s notice of resignation on January 10, 2022.

Corey Jackson began as a volunteer with the organization a number of years ago and worked his way to becoming Executive Director, first appointed in 2013. Corey has been instrumental in taking Citizens Inn to new heights and has done so with talent, kindness, compassion, enthusiasm, and an unwavering commitment to the importance of treating every human being with dignity. Corey will leave Citizens Inn with a solid foundation in all areas which bodes well for the organization’s future success. Beloved by all of those who work with Corey, whether it be staff, the Board, or the greater community, Corey Jackson’s leadership and the human being will be greatly missed. We look forward to conducting a search to find a replacement to ensure continued success and development for the organization.

The Board of Directors thanks Corey for all he has done for Citizens Inn and wishes him well in his future endeavors. If you have any questions during this transition process, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Stephen Vesey
Citizens Inn, President Board of Directors

We have recently partnered with Boyden Executive Search. To learn more about this opportunity, please contact Lisa Vuona, Managing Partner, at

A message from Corey Jackson

 Dear friends,

I am writing to share with you the news that I have decided to step down from my role as executive director of Citizens Inn. My last day will be June 30, 2022, to facilitate a smooth and solid transition process.

 It has been a tremendous honor and a great joy to help this organization—first as the young neighbor of Citizen Inn’s founder, Mary Jane Lee; then in my years as a volunteer and board member; and most recently, during the past eight years as executive director. Alongside Citizens Inn’s wonderful board, staff, donors, volunteers, and clients, we have together reached many important milestones.

Such achievements have included merging with and renovating Haven from Hunger, rebranding the organization, strategic planning, increasing fundraising revenue, strengthening relationships and partnerships across the community, expanding the staff, navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing DEI efforts, and more.

 None of these efforts, nor the vital daily work of providing food and housing to those in need, would be possible without the dedication and expertise of our incredible staff members. I thank them so very much for their commitment to our clients and to advancing the mission of Citizens Inn.

Because Citizens Inn’s operations and finances are in such a strong, healthy position, it now feels appropriate to transition to my next professional endeavor as a partner at Sarah J Consulting, a successful nonprofit consultancy that my wife, Sarah, launched a decade ago which has grown exponentially over the past two years. We now see the great potential of joining together to establish SJC as a thriving family business that offers services extending beyond what either of us alone could offer.

 When I was very young and my family became involved with Mary Jane’s organization, I could have never known what a meaningful place Citizens Inn would ultimately have in my professional and personal life. I very much look forward to continuing to volunteer for this nonprofit, which gives our community so much. Providing safety, support, dignity, and resources to those in greatest need will always be a priority for my family and me.

 Thank you for your past and future support of Citizens Inn. I wish you all the very best and am happy to speak with you any time about this announcement.

 Please feel free to let Board President, Steve Vesey (, know of any candidate referrals or questions you may have.


Corey Jackson